Sports Courts offers you the kind of focus you need to really improve your ballgame. We have batting cages that are ideal for players of all levels. Whether you are looking for some extra batting practice or you just want to take a few swings to test your skills, we have what you need. Our cages each have speed levels to challenge you – slow, medium, and fast. Bring your team and rent by the hour, or bring a friend and casually hit balls for fun.

Our canopy-style netted batting cage makes the batting experience more realistic as each batter can see the path of their hit for over 100 feet. The batting cage is lit for practice day or night.


Batting Cage Rentals:
30 minutes at $30.00
45 minutes at $40.00
60 minutes at $50.00

Call Now To Reserve*

Batting Cage Rentals Available

• Evenings 6-10
• Saturday & Sunday 10-7

• Reservations at least 24 hours in advance.*

• Batters need to wear helmets and closed shoes.
• Loaner bats and helmets are available.
• All players should bring their own equipment.

Batting Cage