Play Like The Pros!

Our instructional programs are high-energy classes that introduce children to the fundamental skills for better performance in the following sports:

T-Ball, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football

Our custom indoor and outdoor facility is dedicated to enhancing healthy lifestyles through programs that build mind, body and spirit. The staff is committed to helping children and youth deepen positive values and working effectively in team sport activities.

The Sports Courts designs programming to fit the specific need of any child or team sport.

Build confidence, self-esteem and performance.

Individual Instruction: 60 Min.

Group Instruction: 1 Lesson: 2 person/1 instructor $90 – 1 Lesson: 3 person/1 instructor $120 – 1 Lesson: 4 person/1 instructor $120 – 10 lessons: 2 children/1 instructor $800 – 10 lessons: 4 children/1 instructor $1,300

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